Daily Devotion-The Consecrated Life And The Practice Of His Presence| Jean George


Our Daily Devotion is not relegated to a set time of day or a set place in our prayer closet. Our life of daily devotion is really lived out through a consecrated lifestyle and the practice of His presence throughout the day. In this sermon we explore what it is to live a consecrated life and to practice His presence always.

A life of devotion is a life of discipline. We maintain a life of daily devotion because our desire is to deepen our personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The more we know Him, the more we can love Him, worship Him, trust Him, obey, and honor Him in our lives. Another important reason we maintain a life of daily devotion is to grow or mature spiritually, in our inner person. This results in our person transformation into Christlikeness and brings about our spiritual equipping to serve God effectively.

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