Nigerian Christian Woman Recovering Bible After Family Martyred

Nigerian Christian Woman Recovering Bible After Family Martyred
The Voice of the Martyrs is releasing a new short feature film telling an inspiring story of courageous faith in the face of persecution.
Rebecca: Nigeria tells the true story of a Nigerian Christian woman who watched helplessly with her daughter as Boko Haram militants killed her husband and son and burned their home. After the attack, when she searched the charred remains of her home, Rebecca found the Bible she and her husband had received on their wedding day.

This short feature, along with a number of free prayer resources, is being released in advance of the International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians (IDOP)—a global prayer movement on Sunday, Nov. 6.

“It is difficult to imagine the hardships persecuted Christians in northern Nigeria face,” said Todd Nettleton, host of VOM Radio. “This year’s IDOP short feature allows us to meet one of our sisters there, and to, in a small way, understand her suffering. May her story inspire us to pray for Nigeria, as well as for our spiritual family members in other restricted and hostile nations.”
International Day Of Prayer 2022 Rebecca Nigeria

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