To Offer Thanksgiving: Christian Videos

To Offer Thanksgiving

To give thanks is to give, “an expression of gratitude.” We have to understand with our minds what God has done for us. In our prayers, do we express gratitude in an honest way and for things we obviously are grateful for?

Based on Psalm 100:4, this song by Bryan and Katie Torwalt is a rousing prayer of gratitude. It is perfectly fine to tap your toes or even dance when you pray. Go for it.

My eyes on Your faithfulness
O God let me not forget to sing in the valley
To look toward Your goodness
My heart set on who You are
You’re the light that consumes the dark
The joy and the strength to lift up my hands and sing

I enter the gates with nothing but thanks
I want to magnify Your worth
I want to bring You more than words
I enter the gates, come reckless with praise
I’ll bring a heart that wants You first
All for Your glory

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