That’s Who You Are

That’s Who You Are © D.N.W. This is a modern original Christian song.
Verse 1:
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
The Lord’s work comes before you sleep
Guarding your heart even in your dreams
Out of step with the world because you believe

Trials and temptations get in your way
yet you’re stronger than all He calls on you to face
You’re a child of the most high God
That’s who you are
That’s who you are
Jesus saved you from the Lake of Fire
You were ransomed by the blood of Christ
That’s who you are
That’s who you are

Verse 2:
When your burdens are heavy and your troubles abound
The Lord will lift you when you get down
There’s nothing you can’t handle when you just believe
Jesus said his grace is sufficient for thee

That’s who you are – children of the light
That’s who you are – redeemed of the Lord
That’s who you are – those who are in Christ
That’s who you are – Jesus knows your name
Precious child of God that’s who you are

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